700W SPJ Battery Powered PA System

$39.00 / night

*Hire price includes speaker stands and associated cables.



The SPJ-PA915 is the perfect battery powered speaker hire option! It is a 15 inch 700 Watt mobile sound system, featuring two VHF wireless microphones operating on different frequencies as well as a remote control AND integrated USB and SD slots for MP3 audio playback, the SPJ re-defines the face of all in one portable PA systems throughout todays market.It Operates either through main power supply or a 12v internal re-chargeable battery, this system comes jam-packed full of versatility with the ability to be charged up indoors and be taken directly outside for a high quality audio experience, perfect for wedding receptions, school function, outdoor parties and more. On the back of this solid, resilient unit are 2 inputs and an echo effect for wired microphones, AUX line input, MP3 control unit and 5 controls for tonal adjustments, giving the user a vast amount of options and effects in order to adjust their sound to perfection. Ideal for small/medium sized venues.

Battery Powered Speaker Hire Sydney